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Tara Mokhtari Online


Quote Of The Day

Tara thanks...

Mum for infinite sharing of love,wisdom, worry, kindness... the world; Mammoo the brilliant brother who has shaped me in ways I learn of daily; Dad for all the little things, Uncle H for being my entire extended family...
Amy's beautiful glow through all these times, Ben's strength and knowing me through and through and through... Dave's inspiration for perfect poetry; Jerem's gift of faith in love, truth, humanity; Paul's early lessons; Leah's smiles and talks; Chris' exquizity (he made that word exist); Tony's kindness and ten-fold education; Maria's care in teaching; Richard's faith; Benjo's words,time,truth,moon-sharing; Mike's warmth and generosity to music; Arty's distant sisterliness; Dane's late nights and laughs; Gav's precious calm; Mikey's maddening magical much more than cryptic coffee; Ash's lively inspirings; Teek's seven hour uni procrastination-coffee days; Nick S' intangable 'ness'; PaulieB's emails that cause big grins always; Brad's patience; Justin's passion; Crick's effervescence; Conor's honest real real...; Ali's perfect Persianness; Lally's foundation-cracking plays; Anne's professional support; Quinn's little-black-book sharing; Mark, Jim and Fergo's Crevonality; devotion, history and laughs, Soren's hard work; Beej's goodness; Vanessa'n'the wall peoples for the uni bar on Wednesday arvos; CAROL's experience sharing; ...more to come!

Thank you's here evolve and grow like our lives and minds; the universe...